Schack på Schemat

With an increasingly tense public debate in Europe on issues of immigration, media bias and gender equality, Swedish comedy group ”Schack på schemat” (”Chess on the schedule”) pokes fun at their native country’s far left – and become a Youtube hit with a following from all over the political spectrum.

During the last couple of years, public debate in Europe has shifted to focus more and more on topics such as immigration, media bias, and gender equality. Especially in a country like Sweden – known for its progressiveness – the comedy scene has tended to go after the far right. Now, a group of friends from Stockholm under the name of “Schack på schemat” are poking fun at Sweden’s far left with sketches about the Swedish public broadcasting station ”P3” – and have become a Youtube hit with followers from all over the political spectrum.

– It might come as a surprise to some that we don’t consider ourselves to be doing political comedy. We don’t have an agenda, but just felt that with the polarization that is currently happening, the far left in Sweden has been let off way too easy, says screenwriter Daniel Nord.

The first of four ”P3” sketches shows Johan (Christoffer Arehorn) at an interview with passive-aggressive Mats (Marcus Johansson) for a job at Swedish public broadcast station ”P3”. Mats seems overly proud over his institution’s progressiveness when it comes to gender awareness, and wants Johan to reconsider his gender choice (”Man”) in the application. In later sketches, Johan has been hired and has to deal with extreme left hipster Simon (Daniel Nord). Simon wears a t-shirt declaring that ”Everything to the right of the Green Party = Adolf”, and is convinced that talking about sensitive topics is something Swedes should avoid (”We’re not like other countries. When it comes to humanity, humility… Then we are the best in the world.”) The sketches have become highly popular with viewers from all over the political spectrum, with around 200 000 views on Youtube and Facebook.

”Schack på schemat” is a comedy group formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2015. Its members are Daniel Nord (screenwriter, actor), Rick-y (filmmaker) and Christoffer Arehorn (actor). All “Schack på schemat” sketches are available on Youtube with English subtitles (built-in function).

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Schack på schemat – Cross-boundary Manifestation

Schack på schemat – First Week at P3

Schack på schemat – Untenable Situation at P3

Schack på schemat – The Liberal at P2